Charlotte 49ers VS Clemson Tigers Live Stream, Week 4

September 18, 2019 0 By Junaid Khandikar

NCAA FB GameTrax – 2019 Week 4
Charlotte 49ers VS Clemson Tigers
Satday, September 21, 2019

In the event that you thought the spreads against groups like Syracuse (28), Texas A&M (19 points) and Georgia Tech (34), the Charlotte spread kicks it up a score.

It ought not out of the ordinary that the Tigers are substantial top picks and that 41-point spread is a pointer of that. Strikingly enough, Charlotte has scored a few points in every one of its initial three rounds of the period (49, 41, 52), yet the 49ers will experience difficulty moving the ball against the Tigers.

Clemson is the more profound group and the Tigers aren’t going to experience any difficulty dealing with Charlotte Saturday night.

The inquiry came at senior full back Benny LeMay and junior free security Jacione Fugate during Charlotte’s week after week football media accessibility Tuesday, in front of the 49ers’ down against top-positioned Clemson on Saturday.

“What is your frame of mind going down there as conclusive dark horses against the No. 1 group,” a journalist inquired. “Is the desire to see where the program is or to stun the world?”

LeMay responded to the inquiry straight on.

“We hope to go in and contend, as we do all week every week,” hesaid. “I don’t generally direct who we play. They put on their cushions simply like us. They’re people. I’m not so much seeing them like they’re the New England Patriots. In any case, I unquestionably give them the regard. They’re the No. 1 group in the nation.”