Patriots vs Giants Live Stream

Patriots vs Giants

Colts vs Bengals

Patriots vs Giants Live Stream


The Patriots have been the most predominant NFL group of the 21st century. Since 2000, the Pats have won the AFC Championship seven times and have won the Super Bowl five times. Tom Brady, who has been the Patriots’ quarterback since 2000, has advanced into the record books through various noteworthy accomplishments: Brady has more vocation wins than any quarterback, he has the most playoff touchdown passes, and he has more Super Bowl wins than some other QB.

On the off chance that the Patriots are the NFL’s super group, at that point the New York Giants are their Kryptonite. Tom Brady has just lost in two of his seven Super Bowl appearances, and both of his misfortunes were to the Giants. New York has been quarterbacked by Eli Manning since 2004. The previous first in general pick was the MVP in both of the Giants’ Super Bowl triumphs over New England. Keeping an eye on and the Giants are generally contenders in the NFC East, yet they appear to play on another level when they confront the Patriots.

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